Sunday, January 31, 2010

Like/Don't Like

I like my iPhone.

I don't like how long it took to figure out how to blog from it.

I like being on our 3rd annual trip to Gulf Shores.

I don't like that it is colder here than Colorado.

I like running at sea level!

I don't like how much I sweat while running by the ocean.

I like fried oysters, okra, and corn fritters.

I don't like that 1 corn fritter = a 5 mile run.

I like being with my family (immediate & extended)

I don't like how far between our visits are.

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Friday, January 29, 2010

Big Love

I am a bit sensitive about Valentine's Day at school after the not-so-good V-Day during Kate's first year in preschool, so I am already working on what to send for Valentine's Day this year. Yesterday I designed a label for Kate's Valentines and was showing Kate how we would put a treat in a bag and use a sticker to seal the bag. Fortunately, it met with my opinionated daughter's approval.

I later found that Kate had written something on our practice label. Do you know what this says? And what did you think it said when you first glanced at it? Be honest! We got a good laugh out of it.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Opposite of Tree Hugger?

Is a tree killer! And that would be me! Argh.

I'm feeling really guilty because yesterday we had 3 trees taken down in our backyard. Two were huge pine trees that were a bit past their prime. The third was a smaller pinon pine that wasn't doing much for our landscaping and was blocking the growing space of one of our three enormous Blue Spruces. We were pretty crowded with trees on our property as we still have 9 trees left (5 of significant size - probably 100+ years old). Our impetus to take the trees down now is that I "need" a garden and removing the trees will give me the space and sunlight for my future garden. I keep justifying to myself that my garden over the years will be more beneficial than these not-doing-so-well trees. There is still just something about cutting down a tree.

So I will continue to feel guilty. Good ol' Catholic guilt. Maybe I'll let go of it when I start planting my garden.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Can't Deal

Do you ever have a day where you just. can't. deal. with it?

This is what my kitchen counter looked like last night
(the other 3 counter surfaces are pretty similar!)
This is how my dining room table still looks
(there are actually Christmas presents in that pile that I haven't mailed yet... sorry Joey and Jenifer! Maybe by Valentine's Day??)
This is the view of my office from the sitting area
(no wonder I can't get work done)
And I didn't deal with any of it last night. Left it as is and went to bed.

Today I'm going to do a big declutter!

Monday, January 25, 2010

Running Update

Less than 3 weeks until my half marathon. Did my longest run of my training this morning. Get to start scaling back on my long runs now (thank goodness!). Have my plane tickets for my little weekend getaway. I'm ready to go!

Notes to self from run today:
  • The jelly beans with caffeine make you nauseous
  • No matter how cold you are in when you first walk outside, you'll be hot in 20 min. Don't over dress.
  • Go to yoga so your hips don't hurt
  • You burned over 1200 calories - EAT!
  • Running more than once between long runs *might* be beneficial
  • Call Val about orthotics and a foam roll
  • Those not-yet-20 year old college guys effortlessly running past you don't have 2 babies... or all your experience and wisdom!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Yoga Mat

Someone asked me what yoga mat I ended up getting. I opted for the Manduka Prolite (in pacific). Just too many not-so-hot reviews on the "eco" mats. Manduka won me over their Green Mission and their manufacturing practices. Plus they say that the mat should last a lifetime. Let's just hope I don't lose this one (my old one never did show up...).

I've been okay about getting to yoga class. Last week was a total miss (for yoga AND running), but I should make it once or twice this week.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

My Day

Do you ever wonder where your day goes? Here's one of my recent ones...

Wake up late
Take a quick shower
Get dressed
Wake up kids
Let dog out
Make an easy breakfast for the kids (toast and fruit!)
Make school lunches
Fix school snacks for Kate
Dry hair
Take Kate to school
Come home
Open blinds/curtains
Adjust thermostat to 60 (I was hot at 63!)
Admire a finely built lego car
Throw in a load of laundry
Put line drying laundry from yesterday in a basket and take upstairs to fold later
Find Jack's missing shoe
Fix and eat 8 grain hot cereal breakfast
Clean up all breakfast dishes
Put away some groceries from yesterday
Sync phone and computer
Wash Jack's face
Load Jack in the car
Remember in car that we forgot something for show-n-share at preschool
Find a nickel in my purse for show-n-share (it is "N" week)
Drop off Jack at a friend's house (they'll take him to preschool)
Chat for a few minutes
Go to dermatologist appointment
Have a fibrous papule burned off my nose
Be grateful it isn't a basal cell
Call Matt to tell him what it was
Stop at Walgreen's for some medicine for Kate
Come home
Leave a message with insurance guy
Move laundry to dryer
Check email
Respond to quick emails
Check home voicemail
Write email to Kate's teacher about volunteering in the library
Write and print letter to school about Kate missing a few days
Talk to insurance guy
Leave voicemail for financial advisor about meeting
Look at a potential birthday gift online, decide against it
Update to do list
Take call from financial advisor and set meeting time
Plan dinner
Look in pantry for ingredients
Get sidetracked organizing a shelf in pantry
Decide I don't want to go to the grocery store today so change mind on dinner
Look for new dinner recipe
Can't find cookbook, look on computer for the recipe, find it on my personal website
Talk to Matt on phone about closet project and vacation plans
Gather ingredients for dinner
Change into gym clothes
Leave for the gym
Get a call on the way that my friend Kristen who I am meeting at the gym is running late
Stop at the grocery store despite not wanting to go today
Read my novel at gym while waiting for Kristen
Think about running on treadmill at gym
Decide to delay running until later
Stop at the post office to mail Bookmooch package and buy stamps
Stop at Walmart (I rarely go there, but it was right there) to get an air popcorn popper
Have a discussion with checkout lady about great reusable bags
Mail letters at mailbox on my street (since I forgot to when I was just at the post office...)
Arrive home
Check laundry, still damp, set dryer for a bit longer
Finish reading my novel while petting cat and dog
Scan new email
Pick up Kate from school
Take Kate to cohousing for an afternoon with an adult friend
Pet friend's dog
Play tic-tac-toe against Kate on my iPhone while waiting for friend to arrive home
Come home
Realize I haven't eaten lunch.
Opt for a bit of chocolate bar over leftovers in the fridge
Enter yesterday's and today's receipts into PearBudget
Sort through email on my junk account
In an effort to delay starting dinner, check email and Facebook
In a continuing effort to delay cooking, start a blog post
List finished novel on Bookmooch
Check Bookmooch for available books
Finally start making dinner...
Listen to podcast while chopping onions and celery for salmon cakes
Add book discussed in podcast to Bookmooch wishlist while onions & celery browning
Finish salmon cake mixture & put in fridge to chill
Welcome Jack home from a playdate
Chat with other mom about karate
Help Jack get on to
Cut sweet potatoes for fries
Put in fries in oven
Make spinach/tomato salad
Decide NOT to make my own dressing
Refill olive oil bottle from bulk jug
Clean up dinner prep dishes
Load towels into washer to wash tomorrow
Help Jack send an ecard on
Put away groceries (for the SECOND time today... someone needs to plan better.)
Help Jack send another ecard
Put away clean dishes from drying rack
Help Jack send yet another ecard
Set table (usually the kids do this but got a break tonight)
Start shaping and frying salmon cakes
Welcome Matt home
Pull sweet potato fries out of oven
Welcome Kate home
Put dinner on the table
Yell at the kids to turn off the computer and wash hands
Say our grace
Eat dinner
Enjoy family
Clear table with help from everyone
Send Matt upstairs with kids for showers and bedtime prep
Shape remaining salmon cakes and put in freezer on cookie tray
Read blogs while petting Oscar kitty
Check Facebook
Clean up kitchen
Set dishwasher to run later tonight
Go upstairs to announce bedtime
Tuck kids in and kiss goodnight
Make popcorn with new popper & fill snack containers
Regret not running earlier in the day
Write a few emails
Take laundry upstairs to fold while watching TV
Fold 2 baskets of laundry
Put it away
Put on PJs
Put now frozen salmon patties in container in freezer
Fold 2 more baskets of laundry (I've been avoiding laundry for a few days)
Put it away
Start folding last basket of laundry
Eat tapioca pudding that Matt fixed
Sit and watch end of movie with Matt
Finish folding laundry
Wash face and brush teeth
Hop in bed
Lotion up my hands
Read first chapter in new novel
Turn out light

Wednesday, January 20, 2010


I went to an Apple workshop this afternoon (on productivity!). One of the other gals in the workshop is a professional organizer. I'm actually thinking about having her over...

Thursday, January 14, 2010


Upgraded to the iPhone yesterday. Have done nothing but play with it for 24 hours. The whole app thing is really cool. I'm certain it will change my life... just not certain it's for the better!

So you probably won't see me for awhile since I'll have my nose stuck in my phone for the next week or so.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Kids' Artwork

The artwork is prolific in our house. Done at school, done at home, done at friends' houses, done in an art class. I'm pretty good about sifting through as it comes through the door. Anything I am not enthralled with (it seems sacrilegious to admit that I'm not taken with all art my children produce) goes right into the recycling dumpster.

I tend to save "artwork" over "projects" just because I find it more personal (unless the project involves hand prints or photos. Then I keep it) Before I toss any projects, I scavenge anything that can be reused at home like googly eyes, fuzzy balls, brackets, etc.

Poor turkey about to lose his eyes.
(I display holiday theme projects for awhile.
This one was up for Thanksgiving...
and Christmas...
and New Years...)
I keep the googly eyes in an old children's vitamin jar (I love that it has a child-proof lid to keep the kids from dumping!)
I also save some of the larger paintings in a drawer to reuse as wrap on the occasional present.

The art that I want to keep, I label with names, titles and dates on the back and put in a big drawer in my office. When it gets full, I sort back through it to keep favorites which go in the baby box. I find it easier easier to sort and let go when some time has passed. I don't feel quite as sentimental. The rest get recycled or reused as wrap. Some examples of our keepsake art...

"Mom Doing Yoga" by Jack
(I look like a sumo wrestler!)
"Hippo Pooping at the Zoo" by Kate
I do keep some random projects that catch my heart.
"3-eyed ladybug monster" by Jack.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Reusing a Yoga Mat

Last week was a great week for me. It started out with the longest run I've ever done (8 miles) which hurt. A lot. I finally started back to yoga class and went twice last week. I ended my week with yet another longest run (10 miles) which didn't hurt. Well, I was a bit tired and sore, but it didn't hurt. I'm chalking the pain-free run up to all the yoga. In between my two longest runs, I got the kids back to school, went to the the gym twice, did some shorter runs, went on a date (with my husband), and went to the dentist (okay, that wasn't so great... have a cavity...)

This week is shaping up to be a good week as well. Back to the gym, back to the dentist, back to yoga, back to my running schedule. Plus a few other fun things.

And speaking of yoga, I can not find my yoga mat anywhere. I've scoured the house, the car, the garage. I can't imagine where it could be. I don't want to keep "renting" one from the studio, so I've been doing a little research on yoga mats. I still haven't decided what I am going to get. I went into it thinking I would surely get some kind of "eco" mat, but most of the reviews report that the eco mats fall apart pretty quickly. Not very green if you must keep replacing it. So I haven't decided.

But in my search, I found this and thought it would be fun to share. 30 Ways To Reuse A Yoga Mat

Monday, January 04, 2010

Christmas Photos

I didn't get a chance to post photos from our holiday...

Christmas tree
(yes, those are Zhu-Zhu pets that my friend Stephanie found and sent from Arizona. Kate likes them, but not as much as she like her Nursing Nana Dog.)
Christmas Eve Dinner
Christmas Morning
Swedish Tea Ring

Happy Family Photo
I love this one of Great Grandma reading my Mother Earth News while Kates draws. Notice outside - it was white!
It may look like Christmas was all fun and games, but Jack started puking at about midnight on Christmas Eve and didn't stop until the wee hours of morning. Jack was fine for presents, but then poor Matt caught the bug and spent the whole day in bed.

Sunday, January 03, 2010

Some Clips

Did I mention that I love my Flip? You'll probably have to suffer through too many video clips now.

We had a lot of fun in the snow last week...

And some links to the kids skiing. But before you watch, you must hear the quote of the week from Jack to Matt while riding up the lift after their first run through the beginner terrain park, "Daddy, next time, please don't tell me to slow down."

Pancakes for Lunch

We had pancakes for lunch today. Matt is still skiing, I'm trying to get some items ticked off my to do list so it isn't so torrentially long for tomorrow, and the kids are bored and cranky. Sounds like a good day for pancakes! Plus Kate makes the pancakes on her own now (pouring batter on the griddle and flipping), so it keeps the kids entertained while I work nearby.

We didn't make my usual recipe for pancakes. Instead we tried this five-grain buttermilk pancake recipe. I always have misc. leftover grain flour in the fridge, and this recipe is going to be a great way to use it up. Instead of the flours called for in the recipe, my combo was whole wheat, teff, barley, and a little bit unknown flour in an unlabeled container in the back of the fridge (and there is more where that came from... please tell me that I am not the only one with little bits of leftover flours!). The pancakes were yummy, although they definitely had that healthy, whole-grain texture to them.

And how good does that raspberry honey look?!? I didn't make it because I have just a touch of honey left in the pantry, plus I still had some leftover fruit compote that I like on pancakes. I did sorta fib to the kids to get them to eat the fruit compote and told them there was no maple syrup left. I think I'll fib again about the syrup next time we make pancakes and try the raspberry honey. I'm really glad right now that I have frozen raspberries in my freezer!

Anyway, that was a really long way to say that it was a good recipe.

Friday, January 01, 2010

Personal (r)evolution in 2010

Happy New Year!!

Hope you are feeling as good as I am this year. I love going to bed early and NOT ringing in the New Year.

Remember way back in September when I was going to post my School Year Resolutions and never did? Well, probably okay since I didn't even come close to accomplishing any of them. I am putting my 2010 resolutions out here so maybe someone will hold me accountable. I think they are lofty yet totally attainable.
  1. Run a 1/2 marathon (scheduled for Feb 14th in Austin)
  2. Run a 5K in my goal time (I wanted to do this in 2009 but didn't get it done. Mostly because I haven't run a race since August...)
  3. Go to yoga 1-2x/week (I feel so good when I go yet I've only been to one class since school started... and that was back on my birthday in September! Plus lately I'm really tight in my hips as I've been increasing my running mileage)
  4. Check off two more states towards my goal of visiting all 50 (I only have Oregon, Michigan, Delaware, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, and South Carolina left... Michigan is already scheduled for this summer)
  5. Visit 2 new national parks with the kids (probably Acadia, Sand Dunes, Rocky Mountain - I've been to Rocky Mountain but the kids haven't - or Mesa Verde)
  6. Make a quilt.

My resolution list could go on and on, but I am stopping there for now and will reasses in a few months. I actually have some additional goals for my 2010 personal (r)evolution - don't you love that term?!? I will be joining my friend and fellow blogger and amazing life coach (she can pretty darn accurately read a situation by what I write - and maybe don't write - in an email) Nona to get there.