Sunday, December 06, 2009

Snowy Day Thoughts

Woke up to a nice snowy day.

I wasn't expecting it and had been planning a long run today (maybe I should be better at checking the weather... nah, the snow was a nice surprise!). The run is not going to happen in the snow. Maybe I'll jump on the treadmill later. I've been a bit of a slacker on the running. Partly because of the weather, partly because of the holidays, partly because I've been feeling a bit blah about it. However, no more slacking! The Austin half marathon (for which I am now officially registered) is 10 weeks from today!

We picked out our Christmas tree yesterday and decorated it last night. We chose a farm raised tree from our local garden store The Good Earth. I would have loved to get one from the National Forest, but we don't have four wheel drive. AWD, yes, but no FWD. And I'm not about to get stuck! Decorating the Christmas tree may be my favorite thing all year. All of our ornaments have meaning, and it brings back memories to hang each one up. I may try to share a few on the blog.

Matt has a work thing for about half the day. I made my kids a puff pancake for breakfast (their favorite - they'll eat a whole pan on their own!) and am letting them watch The Nutcracker on PBS this morning. I promised that we would make gingerbread men later today. I need to get some kitchen chores done to prep for this week - boil beans, chop veggies, make popcorn, etc. I also want to get some sewing done as I'm working on a few presents.

Perfect day for snow.


Marie Green said...

Your weekend is most definitely going better than mine. Grah. And my kids do not have school tomorrow. I'm beginning to realize that while "weekend togetherness" is lovely, I really do *also* love Monday morning quiet- when everyone has returned to their regularly scheduled programming, and Marin is parked in front of the tv and no one is making a mess... Anyway, surprise snow is always a happy thing. (Unless it messes up travel plans!) I'd so much rather have fresh, white snow that months of frozen, dreary gray!

Penny said...

and here the sun is shining and I'm hoping to expose my lily white legs to it ;-)