Thursday, December 31, 2009

New Year's Eves

15 years ago tonight I was on a plane to India about to embark on one of my major life experiences. I was with a group of mostly nursing students going to study and practice at the Christian Medical College & Hospital.

10 years ago tonight I was supposed to get engaged, although I didn't know that was the plan. Unfortunately, the one doing the proposing was in bed with a stomach virus so our romantic dinner reservations were cancelled. I remember being a bit annoyed, although in retrospect I see that I was being a bit insensitive since the poor guy was working night shifts and puking. But it all worked out fine in the end. He proposed the next day (and, in case you are wondering, I said "yes").

5 years ago tonight Matt and I were returning from a trip to Colorado Springs to look at potential neighborhoods and homes as we would be moving there less than 6 months. I had left 10 month old Kate with my mom for 3 nights. It was hard enough for me to leave her, but then she refused to breastfeed once I return. She never did go back to the breast. Being very pregnant with Jack was also probably a factor.

Tonight we are in the mountains and cozy in front of the fire after a day of skiing and sledding. We opted out of our traditional fondue dinner and went with Chinese takeout instead. My fortune from my cookie reads, "No problem leaves you where you found it." I'll be honest that I don't understand it... can anyone help? And is it a good or a bad omen for 2010?


Nona said...

Happy new year, Kristen...

That is a GREAT piece of wisdom you got in that fortune cookie! Meaning, problems are how we get smarter. We are always wiser, better, and stronger once we have faced and worked through a problem.

May your problems in 2010 be few, but may the ones you DO have take you to beautiful places.


Marie Green said...

We did get engaged 10 years ago on Dec. 31st. Man, so much has changed in the past decade!

Happy New Year!