Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Holiday Cards

Sending out holiday cards is one tradition that I have not been able to give up despite the fact that it is far from being "green." The alternatives - no card, email greetings, etc. - just don't work for me. But I am trying to slowing improve what I send out. This year I opted for a postcard. Much less paper with no folded card and no envelope. I also am telling myself that the energy used to deliver the cards is less (but somehow I doubt that my scant 120 cards are making too big of an impact. Although I guess if everyone did it, the combined effort would be substantial.) Plus I found some other unexpected benefits. No stuffing and licking envelopes and less postage (only 28 cents!). I ordered our cards from Zazzle this year. Zazzle has some info about using paper with recycled content for some products, but I wasn't clear about the postcards. I'll do a little more research before sending out cards for 2010.
ps - I just mailed the cards, so if you are expecting one from me, it probably hasn't arrived yet! Hope I'm not ruining the "surprise" of getting it in the mail!


Marie Green said...

Those turned out great... I think I decided yesterday (really decisive, I know) to do New Year's cards this year. ;)

Angela Miller said...

What a nice card! I just mailed mine out yesterday. I'm hoping people get them before Christmas :) I'm not sure if I have your new address or if it is going to the old address?

Tiffany said...

This year I decided against Christmas cards - mostly because of money and I just didn't feel like doing them. I have noticed that so far we have been receiving less than we normally do,