Monday, November 09, 2009

Roasting Green Chiles

An exciting Monday in our house... school for both kids, vet visit for all three animals (we use a mobile vet who comes to the house - the best thing ever!), and some pepper roasting! A friend gave me some green chilies over the weekend, and I decided to roast them today even though I'm still not sure what I'm going to do with them. Either dice them up for Chile Blanco, make Gretchen's Green Chile, or freeze them for later.

First, I slit each pepper and took out the seeds.
Then I roasted them black on the grill (up until about 2 months ago, I was totally clueless about the grill. I always let Matt do it all. I didn't even know how to turn the silly thing on! Finally I got tired of delaying meals because of Matt's work schedule and learned to turn it on. I'm still learning the art of grilling, but so far it is pretty darn easy. No wonder it is traditionally a man's job... oops, I didn't say that out load did, I?).
I covered them with a damp towel (a "greener" way to steam them than using the plastic baggie approach) for a few minutes. I also roasted some red peppers for our dinner tonight - Southwestern Risotto.
And slipped the skins off. The smaller peppers didn't have much meaty pulp, but I'll make it work.
Just have to figure out what to do with them now.


Penny said...

chill sauce :)

Jen said...

I'm the same way with the grill!...maybe I need to learn.

Another way I've had good luck "steaming" after roasting peppers is to put them in a pot (right out of the oven or off the grill) with a lid on it.

Marie Green said...

...and now I'm craving peppers.

PopMom said...

I don't like spicy peppers but with regular roasted peppers I eat them with fresh mozzarella with the juice from inside the pepper drizzled over the top.