Saturday, November 28, 2009

Red Mountain Trip - Day 3

Last Friday while on our trip in Utah, we again slept in a bit. Had another tasty, healthy breakfast. Picked up the brown bag lunches we requested and headed towards Zion National Park. We didn't have much of a plan (this was the first time for both of us and we knew we didn't have time to truly explore the park. We'll go back when the kids are a bit older), but knew we wanted to do at least one good hike. The Angel's Landing hike had been recommended, so after a quick drive through the valley to see the highlights (the valley is open to car traffic this time of year - usually you can only get in via shuttle bus), we started off.

Two turkeys
Now neither Matt nor I really knew what to expect on this hike. We had been told that there were some steep parts (not recommended for those scared of heights) and that there were *some* chains at the top. So up we go, and I am snapping photos thinking we are getting pretty high.
And we get to an area that we *think* is basically the top. We see a few chains, but it doesn't seem to lead anywhere much higher. So we took some photos.
We admired a condor (#31 of only 170-ish in the wild!).
Then we decide to follow the chains to what we assume is the top.
Until we realize that we have to go all the way up there, and, let me tell you, it looks much steeper and much more narrow in real life! (I consider myself a moderately adventurous girl, but I almost chickened out...)
There were signs up all over about how hikers die when they fall from this trail. In some spots, it was a LONG way down on both sides.
I was pretty nervous at times.
(I giggle when I'm nervous so don't let the smiles fool you!)
But we made it to the top and to an amazing view.
Someday I'd like to see a sunrise or a sunset from here.
And safely back down (going down the steeps was harder than getting up!).
See where I'm pointing? That's where we were.


Marie Green said...

Wowza- gorgous! I think the condor siting is AMAZING... And that looks... FAR. Again, what a lovely getaway for you two. Got my mind chugging about where/when David and I could get away.

Marie Green said...

uh, that would be "sighting".

Jen said...

My heart dropped out of my chest just looking at those photos!...I'm too scared of heights to EVER do something like that. What an adventure!

Penny said...

you are brave...