Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Origins Masks

I went to our local Origins store yesterday to get one of my favorite products - the charcoal mask. I ended up with their Mask Marvels set. Very excited to try the other masks. The stores have a promotion going on that if you spend $30, you get a free reusable tote. I often turn down free gifts, but the tote is nice. I'll definitely use it. If you want one, you have to hurry. The free tote giveaway ends today!

And speaking of skin care, I'm going for a fancy facial on Thursday. Very excited.


Penny said...

cute bag :)

Origins are really expensive here.

Kara said...

A facial sounds nice. Hope you enjoyed it. I've been hearing a lot about Origins new day eye cream. have you heard anything about it? I'd be thrilled to find a coupon!