Saturday, November 07, 2009

On Possessions

Getting this post in under the wire...

One of my current favorite books is Simple Truths by Kent Nerburn. I read it over and over again. There is nothing in the book that I don't already know, yet something about the way it is written continues to inspire me. Here is a favorite bit from the chapter On Possessions.

We must always remember that possessions have no inherent value. They become what we make them.

If they increase our capacity to give, they become something good. If they increase our focus on ourselves and become standards by which we measure other people, they become something bad.

When we seek a possession, we should ask ourselves if it will make us better people, more able to share, more willing to give, more capable of doing good in our daily lives. Possessions that increase our own sense of self-importance are empty in comparison to those that help us contribute something of value to the world.


Marie Green said...

Love this... heading over to Amazon to scope out this book.

littlefrogsmama said...

That is a fantastic quote! I'm saving it to my computer, as these are words to live by.