Monday, November 30, 2009

Novembers Past

I got this idea from Marie over at Life in a Tiny Town where she shared some of her old November photos. I've already shown you my photos from South Africa, Nov 1999. Here are some other photos from the years between then and now.

November 2008
Blog photos from Disney

November 2007
Lots of Blog Photos - American Girl, self-inflicted haircuts, etc.

November 2006
Kate, Jack and Coco having a picnic in cohousing a few days after a huge snowstorm
Kate - 2.5 yrs
Jack - 20 months
Jack looking at a toy catalog - he still loves to do that!
November 2005
Our first year in Colorado
My sister and I with the kids in Austin
Kate - 21 months
Jack - 8 months
My mom and Kate feeding ducks at her house in Dallas.
November 2004
Back in Indiana
Kate's (9 months) first Thanksgiving
I'm about 5 months pregnant with Jack and already SO puffy!
November 2003
With my grandma - I'm about 6 months pregnant with Kate and starting to swell.
Grandma and I had matching feet!
November 2002
In Cabo for a friend's wedding
November 2001
Hiking at the ranch in Arizona
I think that is Mexico in the background
November 2000
Just a few months after we got married we adopted Kelso from the Humane Society
Sadly, Kelso isn't with us anymore.
I was going to go back into the 90's, but then I got side tracked and wasted a good hour+ looking at photo albums and getting nostalgic! Maybe for next November I'll go further back...


Marie Green said...

First, perhaps I got the idea from _YOU_? I mean, I read your South Africa post, and I didn't know that that's where I got the idea, but maybe?

Anyway, I love how seeing these photos puts into perspective how close in age your kids are! Also: you look fantastic pregnant!

Penny said...

it's always fun to check out old photos :)