Thursday, November 05, 2009

November Blahs

This article made me smile.

Blah is how I feel lately as I struggle to find motivation to get out and run as the weather turns cold. In my very short running career, I've always been a fair weather runner and basically stop running every winter (hmm... maybe that is why I've never gotten any better...) This year HAS to be different since I've tentatively committed to running the Austin half marathon in February (one of my college roomies - Keahi for those in the know - says she'll do it with me! ). I will still slow down the number of runs I do this winter partly because I'll be adding in some winter sports like skiing and snowshoeing (I'm even doing a 5K snowshoe race in Nov!) and partly because I am going to be following some guidelines from the book Run Less Run Faster thanks to the recommendation of my friend Dimity.

A bit of a motivator was recently upgrading my winter exercise wardrobe to accommodate my plans to run all winter. Nothing like a new clothes to get you moving! One of my favorite places to shop for workout items is Lucy. They are running a 20% off special, and you can get the code/details here - Lucy 20%.

I ran my longest run EVER on Monday, and yesterday I got out and did the incline with a friend despite the packed ice/snow near the top. And today I have no excuse for the blahs as it is expected to be in the 70's!


Penny said...

good for you! hope it goes well.

Dimity said...

nice job, k! keep it up. I hear you on the blahs, but keep shopping and running. :) (gymboree is having a 30% off sale: enter code GYMCLUB.)

Dawn said...

I usually stop running in the winter as well. Good for you, for setting a goal for a half marathon in February. That's what I need, a goal. :)

Gray Matters said...

I've been struggling to get some winter running gear together as well. Thanks for the great recommendation - I'd love to know if you purchased any of their pants.

Tiffany said...

It is so much harder to run in the winter but you if are doing a half marathon in February you are going to have to do it. Plan the days you are going to run that week based on the weather.