Tuesday, November 24, 2009


I kinda hesitate to blog about this in case it doesn't work out, but I have an interview this morning. It is *only* a volunteer position, but I could still use some good thoughts. I'm not sure what to expect in the interview. I certainly hope it is more informational than interrogational as my interview skills are a bit rusty. I'd really like the opportunity to be a good fit for me and my life situation. I think it will give me a bit of fulfillment that I've been missing lately. If it all works out, I'll give more details.

Update - It went really well. Mostly an informational interview. Just a background check and a volunteer orientation away from doing something a bit more beneficial with my free time. As an added bonus, I might even get to help with the organization's social networking.


PopMom said...

Don't worry about formal interview skills. Just be yourself. You seem to be an energetic, positive person. You have to be caring to come from a background of nursing. You obviously like to educate yourself as shown by the research you do on topics you are interested in. You have to be team-oriented to have lived in the co-housing community. What else would they want?

Marie Green said...

Oh, man, I have no interview tips as I am more than a bit rusty myself... but I hope it goes well. Can't wait to hear more details!

Rana said...

I am the EXPERT in interviews as of lately lol!
Since it is a volunteer position, I'm sure there will be more "about you" oriented questions. You're so fun, I'm sure you'll do amazing and they'll love you.
I miss all you Lowery's so very much. I hope to see you all very soon! Hugs and kisses,

Tiffany said...

Be yourself and have fun. Don't get too serious and don't take it too serious.