Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Swine Flu in the House

Jack was the first to fall victim last week. Started with a hoarse voice and croupy cough on Sunday, vomited Monday morning, had a fever by that afternoon. Ran one for just over 48 hours (I don't take my kids temps - it just freaks me out to see the numbers - so I don't know how high it was) Out from preschool for 3 days. Not so bad.

Everything I read said to expect an incubation period of 4-7 days so I thought the rest of us would be sick by the weekend. Weekend came and went. Nothing. (I've been really dragging but that could be easily normal mom tired) Thought we were in the clear.

I dropped Kate off at school this morning and noticed that the playground seemed pretty quiet. Later I got a call from the school. Come get her. She was probably the 15th child to be sent home today. Dropping like flies the secretary said. So a few more days of the crud and hopefully will be done with it.

I'm just happy that it is relatively mild, and we are getting it over. I like having those new antibodies on board.


Marie Green said...

Oh, I know it sounds crazy, but I'm sick of trying to make the decision of "should I or shouldn't I???" re: vaccinating the family. We DO live with a type 1 diabetic (hubby), so if he *did* happen to fall ill for longer than normal it would be hard for us. He's our primary bread winner and all!

Anyway, I hope she heals nicely.

Also, do you happen to know any information or resources about how earth friendly converting a wood burning fireplace to gas is?

(Ours does not put off any heat if we burn wood. It just causes a cold draft as it sucks all the warm air out of the house.)

Penny said...

ugh - we had something which I think was swine flu but like you say it was reasonably mild. I've had worse 'flus.
Stay well :)

Nona said...

I hope everyone recovers quickly, Kristen. xo

AltMama said...

It's tough to tell whether the swine flu uproar is real or another killer bee's scare. I'm glad to hear that it wasn't so bad in hitting your household; hope Kate recovers quickly.

I'm curious-- how do you differentiate between swine flu and the regular flu?

I'm 5 months pregnant and my doctor has said they're not administering the vaccine as it hasn't been around for long. I'm a bit nervous on the subways what with all of the coughing, snivveling strangers, but crossing my fingers (and washing my hands a LOT).

Stay well!



baby crib said...

It really is going to make me crazy if that happens to my family. But I am glad it was just a mild one. And I hope it does not spread again like what happen because this is means panic to me.

Tara @ Go Green Street said...

When my kids went back to school this year every one of them got Swine Flu. It was a major issue within our community. The 2nd week of school 30% of kids we out. The hospitals were over-run with sickness and the school decided to wait 2 weeks to let us parents know it was a major issue.

It took 3 weeks to get everyone well. Now the doctors are trying to talk us into getting the H1N1 Shot, but after everything I had read I have decided not to do it.