Wednesday, October 07, 2009

More Canning

Got up early on Sunday morning (thanks, Jack!) and started canning peaches before everyone else woke. Matt tells me that he loves to wake up to me canning in the kitchen. Says it just feels "homey" to him. I also like the warm, steamy kitchen and the sense of accomplishment so early in the day.
These are packed raw with hot water. They are late season peaches (obviously since it is October) and not as sweet as the box I previously purchased (which we devoured before I could can). Wondering if I should have canned them in a light syrup...

Hoping to snag some pears at the farmers' market this weekend. And maybe also make some pickles this weekend.


Marie Green said...

They look delicious!

And now, I'm running off to the fridge b/c you reminded me that I bought some pickles at the FM last weekend!

Penny said...

yum... we are peach fiends in our house. I usually preserve them in syrup. Planning on buying a box or two to put up once they're in the orchard stalls.