Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween!!

Our Halloween day checklist
  1. Stay quiet getting up so Daddy can sleep since he had to work until 4am... check!
  2. Sneak some candy for Mommy's breakfast... check!
  3. Go see our friend/babysitter Rana at the costume shop after her all night shift... check!
  4. Eat breakfast at a diner with dressed up wait staff... check!
  5. Find the rest of Mom's costume at the ARC... check!
  6. Race home to say good morning to Daddy before he leaves for work again... check!
  7. Visit local farm market for pumpkins, gourds and apple cider... check!
  8. Carve pumpkins... check!
  9. Repeatedly ask mom until she is near insanity if it is time to trick or treat yet... CHECK! CHECK! CHECK!

From carving this afternoon. Will post costume photos tomorrow.

Nina love pumpkin pulp!
Kate's first self-carved pumpkin
Mom and pumpkins


Marie Green said...

Sounds like a full day already! Can't wait to see them dressed up.

Penny said...

have a great time!