Sunday, October 04, 2009

Composting on the Go

Let's start out by admitting that I'm not the cleanest car person (okay, who are we kidding... I'm not the tidiest person overall). Then you add in young children and their stuff (toys, books, school artwork, on-the-go snacks, etc). Then you add in my green guilt of throwing away anything that could be taken home and recycled or composted. Plus when we get home, I usually have other things to corral inside like groceries, kids, dog.

It just doesn't add up to a very clean car situation.

But you know it is REALLY bad when your husband asks if we have moved the compost bin to the backseat...

And then proceeds to fill the kitchen compost bucket from finds in the backseat... yuck!

I really need to come up with a solution for being on the go. Any suggestions?

And thank you, Matt, for cleaning my car out this weekend!


Marie Green said...

Maybe leaving a compost bucket and a recycle bag in the car? When you get home, you could assign one of the kids to empty them while you carry in the groceries.

Our car is a disaster area as well. It's scary, really...

Anonymous said...

Like you, I won't toss things I can recycle at home. But I have no guilt about tossing everything else, especially if it keeps my car from getting stinky or getting bugs! If you still want to compost your stuff, keep a trash bag/box and force yourself to empty it everyday. I got a couple good organizers, one that hangs on the back of the seat and the other is just a small rubbermaid-type shoe box in which I keep little snacks and toys I can hand back as needed. It sits on the floor on the front passenger side where I can reach it at stop lights and such. Both organizers, and forcing myself to throw trash out/recycle everyday have helped a lot. Because MAN does it pile up quickly!!--Melissa