Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Trail Ride

The week before school started, we spent most of the week up in the mountains just relaxing and having fun. Never got a chance to blog about our fun week, so I'll try to get to it over the next few days.

Matt planned a trail ride for early one morning. Kate is a horse nut. We have quite the collection of Schleich horses, and when not playing with horses, Kate is usually pretending to be a horse. Her neighs are disturbingly realistic! I, honestly, don't get it since I was never one of those girls who loved horses. Actually, I'm pretty terrified of them! I always *think* I like horses until I get up on one. And you know that horses can smell fear?? I'm like a stinky, old sock in the fear department.

So we went on a trail ride. The wrangler was kind and gave me the gentlest horse they had. Zsa-Zsa could sense my fear and inexperience and took control. Mostly that was a good thing. Kate and Jack both opted to ride their own horses (tied to a wrangler). Kate was pretty proud to be riding her own horse Iowa. She even asked me, "Mom, do I look like I've been doing this all my life?" Jack did great on his horse Buttermilk, although I got a bit nervous towards the end of the ride. Have I mentioned that Jack can fall asleep anywhere? And I mean ANYWHERE. I could tell he was getting tired and was certain he would doze off and fall off!

It was an hour and a half ride, and my back side was sore for days!

Trail Riding
Kids Attached to the Wrangler
Jack on Buttermilk
Kate on Iowa
Matt on Chocolate
Me always lagging behind on Zsa-Zsa
Mommy pretty happy to be off those horses!
(doesn't it look like I have horse ears in this photo??)

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Penny said...

LOL at the horse ears! :) great shot Matt.

I'm with you on the horse thing... never really had the passion though we used to play "horses" now and again with the neighbour girl who was keen.