Friday, September 04, 2009

Honeymoon Memories

Since my anniversary post was less-than-exciting, I thought I would reminisce and share a few photos from our honeymoon trip. Matt and I didn't have much time for a honeymoon. Our wedding was on the Sunday of Labor Day weekend, and Matt wanted to be back home by the following weekend to prepare for going back to work. We also wanted to do something a little more adventurous than your typical lay-on-the-beach honeymoon. We definitely got what we were seeking... and more!

We opted for a small eco-adventure resort in Baja, Mexico called Baja Airventures on the Sea of Cortez (note that the "resort" has been updated quite a bit since our honeymoon in Sept 2000!). We flew to San Diego and took a 6 seater plane to Bahia de Los Angeles making a stop somewhere in central Baja to go through immigration and customs. From Bahia de Los Angeles we took a 45 min boat ride to the resort.
The plane
The boat
Our accommodations at the resort were pretty darn primitive. A little thatched roof casita with a toilet (no shower - we used solar showers) and two single cots. The temperature soars this time of year in Baja, and it was much too hot to sleep inside. We moved our cots out too the beach each night to sleep - as did everyone else. Wasn't a really good set-up for honeymoon "activities!" LOL
Our casita
Sunrises wakes you up when you sleep on the beach
There were only three other guests staying at the resort with us. These guys were filming a pilot show for the Outdoor Life Network. I wish I could remember the name. Traveler Joe or something like that. There was also Tom - our pilot, guide, and bartender (comforting, no?) and three Mexicans who cooked and handled maintenance. Did I mention that we all slept on the beach??

The food that week might be the absolute best cuisine I've every had. We fished every day and ate our catch for dinner every night. The fish tacos were incredible, and the refried beans with almost every meal including breakfast... yum. I'm sure there was lard and lots of it. One morning we went diving for clams and ate them for lunch. I can't even begin to describe the taste of baked clams taken from the ocean less than an hour earlier.
Fresh catch
We stayed active by snorkeling, swimming with sea lions (within arms reach!) and sting rays, hiking, kayaking, sailing, etc. That filled our mornings and evenings. It was just too darn hot in the afternoons to do anything but take a siesta.
Sea Kayaking
View of the "resort" on our hike
On the beach
Too much sun
We laugh a lot about our atypical honeymoon and have many good stories from the trip. It was probably a bit more rustic than we anticipated (or I'd recommend) for a honeymoon, but we wouldn't change it now. In fact, I'd like to go back someday - and bring the kids!


Marie Green said...

Actually, that sounds like a perfect honeymoon... except for the lack of "honeymoon activities", of course!

Penny said...

LOL! Sounds good - though like you say, a little dampening in the honeymoon activity department!