Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Birthday Follow-Up

My birthday was good. Funny how birthday wishes come mostly electronically now!

We rented The Aristocats and ate grilled cheese and tomato soup in front of the TV. We celebrated with a Josh & John's ice cream cake which we've been nibbling on for days. This is what I got as my birthday present. Completely unnecessary for my running capabilities, but oh-so-much-fun for play. I was going to insist on returning it, but now I'm totally enthralled and addicted.

I took a couple quick runs over the weekend to test it out. This morning I did a longer run on one of my favorite trails. No need to mentally calculate distance so instead I kept my mind busy by attempting to avoid grasshoppers, watching a snake snack on a grasshopper, admiring the butterflies, catching a buck watching me warily, wondering if there were any mountain lions stalking me (I'm not so crazy... there was a mountain lion wandering around town just a few days ago!), and wishing I could find a way to run with my SLR camera... It was a good run.

Almost as much fun as the distance and pace feature is the elevation feature. I'm going to try it on the incline in the morning!

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