Thursday, September 10, 2009

Big Red Shiny Mack Fire Engine

Put on your fire jacket and leave your ego behind! We took the San Francisco Fire Engine Tour on our trip, and it was a hoot! They drove us around in the back of their old, open air fire engine. The highlight of the tour is going over the Golden Gate Bridge, although I thought the highlight was singing fire engine songs while wearing a red ski mask (it gets a bit breezy and chilly going over the bridge in the open air - and, if you recall, I did leave my ego behind!). The kids had a great time, and it was well worth it. Highly recommended if you are visiting San Fran with kids, and definitely memorable!

Getting ready for the tour
(do I have the most angelic looking kids ever?? Wish they acted that way!)
On the fire engine
(each child all got a Dalmatian puppet to hold)
Posing with the fire engine
Ringing the bell
Posing with the Golden Gate Bridge
Ski Masks


Penny said...

hee hee - my kids would love this :)

Anonymous said...

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