Tuesday, September 08, 2009


And what did we do with all 35lbs of apples?? Made applesauce! I canned almost 20 liters, and we'll probably make more with the next batch of apples.

Freshly picked, freshly washed
I have one of those fancy apple corer/slicer things,
but I really prefer to sit on the back porch and cut and core apples by hand
Do I get extra credit for having to process an extra 15min because we are over 6000 ft?
Oh... and check out my awesome hot pad.
It was a gift from Gretchen who got it from BeanPickleSprout (she's local for us!)
The future Vanna White
I really wish I had my own apple trees... and cherry trees... maybe someday...

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Penny said...

those apples look so good!