Monday, September 07, 2009

Apple Picking

We had our first no school day a couple weeks ago, so we headed out for some apple picking with some friends. Jen and I are really lucky that are sons met at preschool so we could become friends. Jack and Joshua are like two peas in a pod and love hanging out together. I forsee a lot of mischief together as they get older. Jen also has little Alex and brand new baby Cameron. Pretty brave woman to go apple picking, huh?

The front range lost the 2008 apple crop to a late spring freeze, and we really missed picking last year. The kids didn't last long as it was a pretty hot day. We have already used up all our apples, so I think we'll go again soon when the weather is cooler and there is cider available!

Apple farms are fun for more than just picking apples... tractors, sunflowers, dandilions, running

35lbs of apples!
Baby Cameron and Kate back at home


Farmer's Daughter said...

Great shots!

I grew up on an apple orchard and my brothers and I used to always laugh that people paid us to come pick apples, since we had to do it all the time! I grew up spending weekends baking apple pies, loading hayrides, lugging pumpkins and pressing cider. To us it was work, but looking back now I realize how lucky we were to spend two months each year doing what most families do one weekend each year.

Now that I'm pregnant, I look forward to sharing apple and pumpkin picking with my children.

Penny said...

Neat :) I think our apple farms are not in close vicinity for picking but they are down near my friend's house. We sometimes stay there and do blueberry picking.

KiwiLog said...

Hi! We loved your post over at KiwiLog and decided to feature it as part of our weekly mom blog round-up. Thanks!