Monday, August 03, 2009

Worst-Case Scenario Giveaway

The folks over at the Worst-Case Scenario blog heard about my summer road trip and sent me a couple books on how to survive traveling and the great outdoors.  Pretty entertaining books, and I definitely learned some information that I didn't know I needed to know.  Some of it you might actually need in Colorado like what to do if you encounter a bear or a mountain lion. Fortunately we didn't need to survive a fall down a water fall or build an igloo (although I might try that this winter!) on this trip.

Since we made it home safely, they would like to give one of my readers copies of


If you would like a chance to win both books, just leave a comment!  Plus I'd like to hear about any worst case scenarios that you've had either traveling or in the great outdoors.  I'll keep the giveaway open until midnight July 16th and announce the winner later that week.


Heather said...

Those look like a fun read! I've traveled with 2 kids and 3 dogs in the car, before. Nothing to report as far as having any troubles. One tip I have is with small children. I suggest traveling after they've gone to bed. Place them into the car asleep and travel then. Works really well for us. Living here in the Northeast we don't get stuck in traffic on rte 6A on Cape Cod. Takes less time to get there also.

Thanks for the chance of the giveaway. :)

Brenna said...

What a great giveaway. I always try to come up with plans for worst-case scenarios. Weird habit I suppose. But I would love to read what the "experts" say! :)

I think my worst-case scenario involving kids (which hasn't been too bad thank goodness) was when the table my son was seated at in his hook-on-the-table highchair tipped over spilling hot, hot coffee all over him. Luckily I caught the table before he hit the ground and luckily my husband is a quick thinker and knew to strip him down immediately so he wasn't continuing to get burned. It wasn't too bad and now I know!

TZel said...

We ended up one night sleeping in an abandoned house's driveway in our van, that is about as bad as it has gotten for us, but it is good to be prepared! I really do like these books and appreciate this chance- thank you!

Jen said...

I'd love to win! Our worst adventure traveling was running out of money with no access to a bank. Actually, that has happened a few times while traveling... but it always works itself out!