Sunday, August 23, 2009


So we all survived the first week of kindergarten.

Kate loves it, adores her teacher, and was quite disappointed that she didn't get to go on the weekends. She has an alarm clock now and is getting up at 6:30am easily. The earlier wake-up and the full days are causing an earlier bedtime also. Pretty nice to have long evenings.

I was able to keep up the facade of a got-it-together-mom through the second day of school. Then things started to fall apart! Waffles stuck in the waffle iron, forgot to pack lunch and snacks the night before, can't find shoes, can't find backpack, etc. I'm a bit more organized and prepared tonight. I just hope it carries through the end of the week...

Jack is a bit bored with Kate in school which means that I am doing a lot more entertaining than usual (which means that I'm not on the computer as much so if I haven't responded to your email, I'll get to it eventually!). He'll start school after Labor Day. Until then, I'm trying to keep him busy. I'll try to blog about our adventures sometime soon!

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Penny said...

glad it went well (mostly anyway) :)