Monday, August 10, 2009

School Lunch Priorities

I've been getting an overload of information lately about school lunches.  Go waste free.  Where are the organic foods in our schools?  How to connect your school lunch program with local farmers. There is a program somewhere in California that is catering in healthy, organic lunches to schools.  Even Whole Foods is doing a School Lunch Revolution where you can donate money to encourage schools to make changes in their school lunch programs.

I don't have any experience yet with lunches in our local school yet.  I've heard the range of parental comments from how generally awful the food is to how great it is that the pizza has whole wheat crust.  I'm sure the school is pretty average, maybe even above average.  I plan to mostly pack lunches for my kids so I honestly haven't really given the lunch program much thought.

Last week I received a form in the mail to apply for our district's free lunch program.  The form went straight into the recycle bin as I know we won't qualify.  It did remind me of a conversation I had at a birthday party last spring with two other moms.  One happens to work in a school lunch room, the other is an elementary school teacher.  The lunch room mom was telling us about all the complaints from upper middle class parents, and the teacher mom commented that she can't complain about the lunches.  For many of her students, it is the best or only meal of their day.  It was an instant change in my paradigm (as Stephen covey would say...).

It is a good reminder for us moms who are so worried about from where our child's food comes - local and/or organic?  In all of our concern, may we remember that there are other moms who also worry about from where their child's food comes - or if it will come at all.


Green Bean said...

Great point. A friend reminded me of that last year when I was all hot to get the hot lunch program hooked up with a local farm or have at least organics.

Crunchy Domestic Goddess said...

Good reminder. Thank you, Kristen. How are you lately btw? Hope life is treating you well. :)

mother earth aka karen hanrahan said...

a friend of mine lives in a community that is struggling they organized a community garden and incorporated it into the local kids programs - the delight these kids had in growing their own was inspirational - most of these families are on some kindof assistance and yet the garden, much lower in cost to run than typical groceries is fueling these kids healthfully

what an example this type of program could be for all

the kids want to eat well...they want to learn

we could learn from them!!

Mary Hunt said...

Complaining about school lunches is almost a rite isn't it? I can still hear the groans from others when "harvard beets" were announced. How spoiled we all are.

Tiffany said...

I was aiding in our local elementary school one day last winter and the other teacher's English Language Learners had just left and she offered me some goldfish. She said that she started bring her students snacks because at 10am they were not focusing or falling asleep because they were too hungry. She used her own money to help the kids.

Lisa Sharp said...

Very good reminded!

mcmilker said...

Yes but...if it is there only GOOD meal of the day...the healthier the better!

Sam from Healthy Lunch Ideas said...

You should consider checking out Alice Waters' "Edible Schoolyard" if you haven't seen it already.

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