Sunday, August 30, 2009


I ran the Denver Skirtchaser 5K yesterday. What a fun race! I had a great time even by myself (everyone bailed on me... even my husband... something about needing to catch a flight... blah, blah, blah). I was thrilled that I ran much faster than I expected and set a new personal record, but then I was equally frustrated that I didn't quite make my end-of-the-year goal. So close, yet so far. Next race.

The Skirtchaser is especially fun because there are no normal race t-shirts that go straight into my donation box. Instead I got a sassy red running skirt which I am certain made me run faster (as a side, the girl handing out the skirts kept insisting that I needed a small. I actually had to argue with her to get my medium. Flattering, yet annoying). The "skirts" (aka the girls) start the race first, and the "chasers" (aka the guys) start 3 min later. I came home planning to take a mini vacation to the next scheduled race in Savannah, but it is on Halloween. Can't miss Halloween at home but I'm already excited for the 2010 dates to come out.

oh... and I almost fell over at the finish line! Partly because I was exhausted but mostly because they were handing out water in Aladdin reusable water bottles! (I always hate taking the bottled water at a race yet I'm dying of thirst and sorta thought there weren't any other options) You had the choice of taking the bottles home or giving them back to be reused again. I took 2 home because they are a handy 12 oz size. Perfect for longer runs or the incline when I need a little water but don't want to lug a big bottle. Pretty cool, huh?


Marie Green said...

Wow, how fun. Also, the bottles are adorable.

Penny said...

cool! What does the running skirt look like?