Sunday, August 02, 2009

Road Trip - Days 6-9

Krista has 4 kids, and my kids were in heaven at her house.  The weather was a bit chilly (the cities set a record low for the high while we were there), so we had to alter some of our original plans for outings.  We still did so much!  Krista took me to Trader Joe's to stock up on some of my favorites.  We spent a morning at the Como Zoo.  Favorites there were the seal show and the butterfly garden.  We took the kids to Mall of America to go to the American Girl store and Legoland, and then we headed to IKEA where we dropped the kids off at the play area and enjoyed some shopping time alone.  I still think my kids had the best time just being at their house and playing.  Kate and Abbie had a slumber party in the basement 2 nights in a row.  Jack quickly learned how to play Wii.  We walked to the playground and also found and picked some wild raspberries. The kids even used the backyard pool and slide despite the cold weather!

Some photos from our visit.  I always get home and wish I had taken more photos.

At the Como Zoo

Chase with a Butterfly
Kate waiting patiently for a butterfly to land on her
The butterflies liked my shirt
Jack playing Wii
Kate and Abbie wish they were sisters

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Marie Green said...

Love everything you mentioned: Como Zoo, MOA, American Girls (does Kate have one yet? My girls are wishing, but I think they are still a bit young), Trader Joe's, and kid-free shopping at IKEA!