Sunday, August 02, 2009

Road Trip - Days 10-11

On Day 10 we went to stay with my friend Michelle and her family. Michelle is one of my college roommates, and I love it when we get to see each other (which isn't nearly enough!). Nothing like a good long girl talk with an old friend.

We arrived on Saturday morning, and after settling in, we all went to see the Minnesota Orchestra's performance of Peter and the Wolf.  The kids loved it.  Kate keeps asking me when we can go to another orchestra concert, and I often catch her "conducting" to music.  After the concert, we went to a nearby pub hoping to do some lawn bowling.  Unfortunately, the weather wasn't cooperating so we just had appetizers and drinks before heading home for dinner and early bed for the kids.

On Sunday, we attended church at Lake Harriet (I already blogged about that).  So inspiring. Afterwards we played on the playground, had a picnic, and ate ice cream by the lake.  (As a side, I started talking to a dad on the playground who had on a "Colorado" shirt.  They live in Minneapolis, but his son got more ski days in last season than I did!  They come out to our favorite ski town for all school breaks and almost every weekend.  After hearing that, I started daydreaming about living on Lake Harriet and still spending our winter weekends skiing.  I tried to convince Matt of my new scheme, but he keeps bringing up some nonsense about money and needing a job...)

After 10 long days, we finally got to see Matt that afternoon.  The kids and I picked him up at the airport and went back to Michelle's house.  It was a perfect afternoon of playing, relaxing, gabbing, and looking through Michelle's recipes (Michelle and I have very similar cooking styles).  Dinner was scrumptious, and with full tummies, Matt and I both fell asleep while putting the kids to bed!
Fun at the playground

Who has more fun? The kids or the adults?

Ice cream on the lake


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