Sunday, August 02, 2009

Road Trip - Day 5

Day 5 (Monday, July 13th) did not start out well.  At all.

First, we were supposed to meet my grandma and my dad at Mother Goose Land which is a petting zoo that I have overly fond memories of from when I was little.  Unfortunately we got there, and it was closed on Mondays.  Very disappointing.  
We all went to a nearby playground.  The adults watched the kids for awhile, but when I saw them playing on a tire swing, I set my camera down on the bench and went over to join.  Soon my dad came over also.  Both kids were on the swing, and my dad was spinning them around and around. The kids were going crazy because they liked it so much, and I jokingly said to my dad, "Yup, it is all fun until someone pukes!"  
And, then not a moment later... 
Jack pukes.  
All over Kate.  
Jack's upset, Kate's upset, and they are both covered in grossness.  
We try to rinse off a bit at a drinking fountain, but it is useless.  My mom and my grandma come over to help, and we decide to just load back up in the car.

The plan had been to go take a ride on the Mississippi water taxi, but we can't go smelling the way we do.  It is too far to go back to my aunt's house for a change of clothes, so I decide we can just stop somewhere and buy new clothes (not very green, I admit, but...). Only we can't find anything on our drive, and we are about to miss the water taxi launch.  And that's when I ask my mom, "Did you get my camera?"  The panic sets in as I remember leaving it on that park bench.  We frantically call my dad to go back because he is closer, but I also feel the need to head in that direction.

Fortunately, my dad gets to the park and finds the nice woman who has picked up the camera.  My mom and I get the call just as we drive by a Kmart, so feeling amazing relief, we stop and buy a new dress for Kate and shorts for Jack and change in the Kmart bathroom.  We have just enough time to make it to the next water taxi landing, hop on, and enjoy the ride!  And that was all before noon.

Waiting for the water taxi in our new clothes & on the ride

The day only improved as we went to see my cousin Emmy's new house.  While there, we walked over and saw some neighboring cows, Emmy and I showed the kids how we used to eat the ends of the sweet clover flowers, and the kids even got a ride on the riding lawn mower. Later we went to see the Imax 3D movie Under the Sea which the kids really liked and showed their enthusiasm by talking through the whole thing.

We finished up the day with the kids taking a bath and playing a few games of Old Maid with Ama while I took a much needed long run (have I mentioned how much easier it is to run at sea level? Have I also mentioned how hard it is to adjust back to altitude? A week back, and I still feel it!).

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