Thursday, August 06, 2009

Road Trip - Day 16 - The last day!!

We woke up fresh and clean in Custer State Park, had breakfast and drove the wildlife loop again on our way to Wind Cave National Park.  I wish we had planned more time in Custer State Park as it would have been fun to hike, do a jeep tour, go horseback riding, and eat a cowboy dinner, but we'll go back again.

Part of the buffalo herd was very near our lodge and all over the road.  The kids thought it was a hoot to be in a "buffalo jam!"  We also ran into our old burro friends!
Buffalo Jam
Big Guy
Mommy and Baby
Feeding the Burros Again
Wind Cave NP is only a few miles away from the Custer.  We bought tickets for one of the cave tours, and the kids worked on their Junior Ranger booklets while we waited.  The cave tour was really interesting.  Kate was a little nervous for the entire hour tour, but says that her favorite part was when they turned the lights out.  Coulda fooled me with her grip on my hand!
Dressed up to go underground
Down, down, down
Scary faces in the cave
I would also like to go back to Wind Cave NP when the kids are a little older so we can do some of the more involved cave tours.  They also had some above ground activities that looked great.  We finished up our Junior Ranger work, got the kids' badges, loaded up in the car, and headed towards home.  The last driving leg was the longest of the trip, but it went by pretty quickly.  It was good to be home after being gone so long.

Overall?  It was a great trip.  So good that I am already thinking about a trip for next summer.  I'd like to keep going to see my grandma for as long as we can.  A friend of mine is trying to run a marathon in every state and wants me to do one in Minnesota with her next spring.  I also have a grand plan of driving across North Dakota and visiting Theodore Roosevelt National Park.  We'll see what I think next spring.

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Marie Green said...

I've so loved reading your vacation adventures. Especially, obv, the SD parts. Oh how I love me so Black Hills time. THE AIR!