Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Road Trip - Day 15

Let me start by saying that we were pretty dirty and gross by this point in the trip.  None of us had taken a bath for several days plus we had been hiking and camping, so after breakfast and breaking down camp, we took a nice long swim in Horsethief Lake.  The water was a bit chilly but so refreshing.  And there were little bits of mica all over which made the bottom quite sparkly.
Feeling better, we started the drive to Custer State Park.  The original plan was to drive the wildlife loop there and then head to Wind Cave National Park to camp.  However, by the time we got to Custer State Park, we were all overly tired and cranky (I admit I was the worst plus I had a raging headache!).  The idea of another night on the ground sounded horrible. Fortunately, we snagged the last lodge room in the park at the State Game Lodge where Woodrow Wilson once stayed.
Matt took the kids swimming at one of the lake beaches while I took a long nap.  Early evening we set out to drive the wildlife loop.  We saw deer and mountain goats plus...

Pronghorn Antelope
and wild Burros!
(my favorite photo from the trip)
Burro Breath

Burros love carrots and bread
Baby Burro
I still wasn't feeling great on our drive, and I wish I had felt better because the scenic photography opportunities were innumerable that evening.  I felt much better the next day after a shower and a good night sleep.


Penny said...

LOL! Burro breath ;)

Stephen said...

We woke up early after our first night in the tent (is it just me or is the ground getting harder every year?!?), broke down camp, and went straight to Badlands NP visitor center to get Junior Ranger badges. We set off to see the rest of Badlands NP thinking it would go pretty quickly, but we were seeing so much and having so much fun that it took much longer than we expected.