Monday, August 03, 2009

Road Trip - Day 13

After a good night sleep at the hotel in Sioux Falls (this hotel had a waterslide also!), we started driving west across South Dakota.  We had joked the whole trip about stopping at the Corn Palace with no true intention of going, but with no agenda and a need for a break as we approached Mitchell, South Dakota, we decided to check it out.  I always thought that the Corn Palace was 100% made out of corn, but it is actually a big building that is decorated with corn. We arrived during decorating season so it wasn't completely covered in corn yet.  Not much to do there other than look at it and go to the gift shop (where, of course, I bought a few things... a popcorn bowl and some Little House on the Prairie books).  We stopped a grocery store to stock up the cooler with some items for lunch and got back on the road quickly (actually a little too quickly... got pulled over for speeding.  Fortunately the officer let us off with just a warning. Phew!) so we could get to Badlands National Park.

When we finally arrived at Badlands NP, we quickly set up camp, grabbed a bit of dinner from the park's diner, and set out to explore before it got dark.  We stopped at a scenic overlook and then did a quick hike before heading back to camp to work on the kids' Junior Ranger booklets and get ready for bed.

Setting up Camp
Views from the Overlook
On our hike

See the bunny in the grass?
Working on Junior Ranger booklets at the campsite
Sunset from the tent


Wanda said...

Sounds like a great trip so the photos of the Badlands. Thanks for the post!

South Dakota Office of Tourism

Penny said...

looks awesome.