Sunday, August 02, 2009

Road Trip - Day 12

After getting repacked and reorganized, we left Michelle's house and headed south to Northfield, Minnesota and my alma mater St. Olaf College.  Neither Matt nor the kids had ever been there, so it was fun to show it off.  Of course, I was flooded with memories as we walked around campus.  Yet so much had changed (new buildings, bigger trees, and MUCH younger college kids than when I was there!) that it also felt like a different place.  I kept asking Matt if I could pass as a college student.  He assured me that I could not, and, predicting my next question, also assured that I did NOT look like a prospective student either!  I'm still not certain if I want to be mistaken for college aged or not...

We made the requisite trip to the bookstore to get St. Olaf goods (sweatshirt for Kate, running shorts for me, and matching hats for Matt and Jack) plus the kids split a sugar cookie with sprinkles and a juice from the snack shop (I wanted them to remember St. Olaf fondly and I think the sprinkles did the trick!).

We strolled around downtown Northfield a bit.  Looked at the bullet holes in the bank building from the Jesse James shoot out.  Made Matt promise to bring me back for Jesse James Days in the future, and started the drive to Sioux Falls, South Dakota where we spent the night before starting our South Dakota adventures.

I wish I had taken some photos while we were there.

Have to add that Matt is now totally on board with one or more of our children going to St. Olaf (I'm a third generation Ole and would like to see a 4th).  After being there, he liked the campus and the town.  He said that if St. Olaf churns out good folks like me and my friends (he specifically mentioned Michelle, Liz, Keahi, and Siri!), it must be a good place.  He wasn't too entertained, however, when I sang him the fight song.  Um Ya Ya!

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Penny said...

Our students seem to get younger every year. But having said that we have so many "mature" students that yes, I could pass as a student. Not that I care particularly if I do or don't! ;-)