Sunday, August 09, 2009

Monday Menu Plan

My bread from last week's plan turned out SO GOOD. I'll should have some time in the next few days to blog about it. I didn't make the grilled pizza (I found a babysitter so Matt and I snuck in a date night instead!), but I think we'll try it this week.

Sunday - Grilled elk (from Great Uncle Mark - so yummy!), grilled corn on the cob, Strawberry Avocado salad, 4 seed loaf from Hungry Mother Foods

Monday - TBD - it will be just me and the kids. Something easy.

Tuesday - Matt's in charge of dinner
Wednesday - Grilled Pizza with salad
Thursday - Potato-Kale Quiche (new recipe I'm trying from The Vegetarian Mother's Cookbook which is my current favorite cookbook despite the fact that I am neither pregnant nor lactating!)

Friday - Matt will have Jack & I'll have Kate for kindy orientation - might take her out to eat to celebrate

Saturday - Tamales from the farmer's market, I'll probably do some black beans, grilled corn, and fresh tomatoes on the side.


Kelli said...

HI! I am stopping by from Org Junkie’s site! Your menu looks a bit like mine was all summer... very sporatic LOL. :-)

Kelli – 3 Boys & a Dog: homeschooling, recipes, reviews, giveaways, Fave Friday & more!

PopMom said...

Shelagh has K orientation and screening coming up too. Can you believe your oldest is starting K??? I'm kind of semi-freaking out, semi-so excited about it.

She seems excited so that's all that matters (until she found out that the little kids will still have Mommy-days during the week and she won't). But, then she found out she has an art class and a music class and 2 gym classes every week and I think that finally got her on the "Yeah for K" team.