Sunday, August 02, 2009

Menu Planning Monday

Getting back into the swing of life, and it is time to start planning dinners again. I am going to try to use up some older foods from the freezer over the next few weeks, so we might be a little heavier on the red meat than usual.  Also be sure to check back with me tomorrow (Monday morning) for a little giveaway related to my recent travels.

Sunday - Community meal at cohousing (did I mention that we are still doing meals with our old neighbors?  I'm helping cook this one - quiche and salad)

Monday - EV's Veggies (want to keep it light as Matt plans to work out after dinner)

Tuesday - Grilled flank steak with lime marinade (my friend Michelle fixed a similar recipe which reminded me that I haven't made this in awhile plus I have a frozen flank steak to use), Strawberry-Avocado Salad, whatever veggies look good frin my friend Karin's CSA that we are picking up, and homemade crusty wheat bread (a sorta-created myself recipe that I'll try to blog about it)

Wednesday - Community Meal at Cohousing

Thursday - Pizza on the grill (New recipe using the same dough as above.  I'll try to blog how it goes) and salad

Friday - Dream Cafe Black Beans and Rice; new cornbread recipe I want to try (I'll post about it if turns out well)

Saturday - Hopefully out to eat!

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Gudrun said...

I am cleaning out the cupboards too, but I am still inventorying stuff. Hopefully next week I will plan more meals around what I have already. Next up, the fridge/freezer in the garage!

Without our CSA, everything would be way less interesting :-)