Monday, August 24, 2009

Just Jack

Everyone keeps asking me how Jack is doing with Kate in school all day. He is pretty bored with just me. I'm finding that it is more difficult to entertain one child than two. I'm actually getting less accomplished with just Jack. I have been trying to do some special Jack-oriented activities (aka boy stuff!).

Jack learned to ride a bike this summer and has since been asking to race his bicycle. He also loves to make jumps in the driveway and go through his "obstacle course" in our back yard (which consists of riding over and through a couple of my bushes!). At first I wasn't so thrilled with the idea of bike racing, but finally decided that if that is what Jack wants to do, I am going to embrace it.

Last week we set out to find the local BMX race track just to check it out. I called my friend Ashlee to meet us with her boys since it isn't far from her. Jack was a little unsure about going over the big bumps until he saw Bode take off. Then we couldn't stop them! 24 hours later we had leg and elbow guards and were on our way back to the track. I ended up taking Jack to the BMX track 3 days in a row!

Here's my 4 year old on the bumps...

And here are the boys checking out the first hill out of the gates. Notice what Jack says to Bode just as he takes off... and check out the air! (this one makes me laugh every time!)

And when not out riding, Jack has been busy watching these for inspiration...

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