Friday, July 03, 2009

Last Week's Activities

Kate was in cheerleading camp last week and LOVED it.
Before camp started, I felt a little bad that Jack didn't have a special activity also, but it was good to have some time for just the two of us.  He got his own bike last week, so we did a mommy-son run/ride a few times.  I was pretty impressed that he was able to ride a full 3 miles one morning.  It was a pretty slow 3 miles since we had to stop to look at the river, butterflies, roly-polies, rocks, mud, etc.  I've also been informed that Jack's bike rides best "in mud, water, and rocks."

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Penny said...

Naturally - it's an off-road bike. Does it have optional nitro-jets as well? ;-)

Go Kate! She looks so grown up. Can't believe our oldest kids are going to be 6 soon. They've suddenly left the "cutesy" stage.