Friday, July 03, 2009

Grocery Alert

Did you see the article from the Organic Consumers Association (OCA) about the Horizon brand beginning to sell milk that isn't organic?  They plan to market it as "natural" and as a lower priced alternative to organic milk.  Just reinforces my commitment to avoiding Horizon products.  I have been avoiding their products already (although admit to sometimes purchasing it when no other organic alternative is available... an action that I am going to re-evaluate) because of the company's reported history of pushing the limits of organic values (like giving cows little to no pasture time).

You can read more about the OCA's boycott here.


The Bleeding Heart said...

As a business based on organics, we too have made the choice to also boycott all Horizon products and go with Organic Valley, Farmers Creamery or some even more local dairys that don't hide the truth or stretch organic integrity.

Andrea said...

Here's another article about the devalue of the organic label that you might find interesting. It also talks about Horizon.

Unfortunately, I hardly ever buy organic food, although the only things I would buy if money were not an issue would be milk and cheese. We belong to a CSA and support farmer's markets for additional produce and make as much as we can, like yogurt and occasionally butter. Cheese is next on my list. ;) I am not a big consumer of processed foods and would much prefer to bake and cook everything from scratch. It may not be organic, but at least I know what is in it.

It's sad that we have strayed so far from where our food comes from that the government and lobbyists are able to manufacture "healthy" foods with no conscience of what is put in them or how they are made.

Penny said...

no pasture time? eh?
So glad our cows here spend their whole lives out in the paddock. True, not all our milk is organic but still... at least it comes from grass.