Saturday, June 27, 2009


Matt's Uncle Jimmy passed away yesterday, so Matt is on a last minute trip to Texas this weekend.  We were supposed to be spending the weekend in the mountains with out of town friends, but I opted to stay home since Matt couldn't be there.  We'll get to see our friends later this week.

A weekend with nothing to do is pretty nice.  There was a big storm last evening so I let the kids watch The Incredible Journey (the original 60's version) on On Demand.  Our babysitter has the kids out this afternoon leaving me home alone (poor me!).  I think I'll take the kids to the pool tonight as long as it doesn't rain.  Hopefully they will be in bed early, and I can have another leisurely night to myself which, for me, means watching a movie while crocheting or getting into bed and reading.

Tomorrow we are going to go over to cohousing for brunch.  We joined the community meal rotation for the summer.  The kids really miss everyone and will be excited to be back for a meal.  Matt will be back early afternoon, and I will put him to work grilling some veggies for dinner.  Remind me to post that recipe.  It is super yummy!

Me with Uncle Jimmy
Matt and Uncle Jimmy

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Penny said...

Sorry to hear about that Kristen. :( That last picture seems rather poignant in the light of his passing. Like he's gone on walking down that road by himself...