Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Swimming Lessons (There Will Be Bragging)

Because isn't it a mom's job to brag about her kids?  And where is there a better place to brag than on one's blog?  Blogs are pretty egocentric, no?

Kate and Jack started back to swim lessons about a month ago after taking a year long hiatus (from lessons, not from swimming).  We started in a new program and are very happy with the instructors.  At the end of last session both Kate and Jack tested into the next level.  Jack will be in Beginner II and Kate will be in Advanced Beginner.  Okay, now the brag.  Kate's coach wrote on her progress report that "her technique is astonishing."  Not your normal "what a great kid" and "doing so well," is it?


Jen said...

I love getting comments like that!

Penny said...

Great to know they are doing well. :)

Joost Hoogstrate said...

Kristen, it’s really good to brag about your kids, especially in their presence. Does a lot of good to them. Go ahead and brag all you want. That’s great. You now some parents never appreciate their kids. They think it might make their kids complacent and not try harder. Nothing can be further from the truth. In fact the more we appreciate them, the harder they would try next time. You may visit http://climatarians.org to find some ideas. Thank you!

Do keep bragging!
Joost Hoogstrate