Saturday, June 06, 2009

Quilting Class

Did I mention that I am taking a beginner's quilting class? A few months ago I went into a local quilting store for fabric, browsed their list of classes, and decided that I should take a class since my last formal sewing instruction was 25 years ago (7th grade home ec class).  Everything since then has been self-taught (not counting what you've taught me, Mom!).  The first class was this last week.  I can't say that I learned anything profound, but it was nice to get some confirmation on what I am doing right and learn some techniques for the things I am doing not-quite-so-right or haven't been confident enough to try.  We are working on a small, table topper quilt for the class.  Although it isn't quite my decorating style, I really like the fabrics I picked out and it is still fun to make.  I am looking forward to the binding and machine quilting during the next class.  Hoping to pick up some tips, because I know I am not doing it quite right.  I need to add the edging pieces and cut my binding pieces before the next class.  I'll keep you updated on the status.
I am also in the market for a new sewing machine.  My current machine is 15+ years old.  That is fine in itself, but I can't find bobbins to fit!  Three bobbins just isn't making the cut.  I am going to visit a few local sewing shops to try out some different brands.  Bernina, Janome, and Viking are the favorites right now.


Gray Matters said...

You're going to become addicted real fast - I can't believe how much I love sewing now (especially quilting). I have a Bernina and love it - it's a bit pricey (which is why it was great I got mine as a Christmas gift from my FIL), but a wonderful machine! I've also heard great things about the Janomes, too!

Angela Miller said...

That sounds like so much fun! I have often wondered about taking a quilting class. My mom and grandma (along with a couple aunts) are big quilters. They take classes all the time and they joined a quilters guild. I also need a new machine, but can't justify the cost. I love Pfaf machines.

Penny said...

I have a Janome and have been pleased with it. My Mum swears by Bernina. One thing that helped my decision was the availability of service outlets.