Saturday, June 13, 2009

Night Away

I escaped up into the mountains yesterday afternoon without kids or husband. It is under the guise of needing to get some work done, but I really needed some quiet time. (Jack's antics continued through the week... another highlight was when he unrolled 3/4 of a roll of toilet paper into a poopy potty. I attempted to have him clean it up, but the chore gagged him and he puked all over the bathroom floor. I'm sure I'll laugh at it someday. And I shouldn't let Kate off too easy. This week she has insisted on wearing bikini tops under her clothes. Apparently she needs to wear a bra. *roll eyes*) After getting some work done last night, I went to bed early, slept soundly, woke at a decent hour, and read a little in bed. I just finished breakfast outside to the sound of a full, rushing creek and a view of wild flowers. I'll get a few things done while breakfast digests then plan to take a long run (although at 10,000 feet long runs aren't always fun... or very long!). I'll head home later this afternoon in time to greet my father-in-law who is coming to visit. Life is good.

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Penny said...

Ewwww! And LOl at the "bra".