Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Junior Rangers

Remember last year when I mentioned that I was going to see Richard Louv the author of Last Child in the Woods speak?  I am pretty sure that I never got around to blogging about the actual event, but it was very inspiring and enjoyable.  During the presentation, the park service honored a little girl that was about 10 years old and had visited EVERY national park and monument in the country.  It was pretty impressive, and I immediately decided that I wanted my children to see as many of our national parks and monuments as possible.  

This little girl had also completed every available Junior Ranger program.
  This was the first that I had heard of the program, but it is really pretty fun.  Kate and Jack did their first Junior Ranger program at Arches.  We picked up the workbook, and they each had to complete 4 activities in the book.  The activities for 4-6 year olds were pretty simple... connect the dots, "x" off things in the picture that you are not supposed to do in the national park, draw
 a picture of something you saw in the park, etc.  The kids turned in their books and did a question/answer session with one of the rangers, said a pledge, and got their badges.

We are hoping to co
mplete a few other Junior Ranger programs this summer including ones at Great Sand Dunes National Park (so close to us that it is embarrassing that we haven't been there yet!) and at Bandlands National Park in South Dakota (on our midwest roadtrip).

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Mel said...

The Junior Ranger program sounds amazing. What fun for the kids (and a learning opportunity too). Good on the people who set up this program. (And good on you for getting your kids involved!)