Sunday, June 21, 2009


My blog email has been totally out of control and backed up.  I thought I was only a few months behind, but I had emails that I hadn't read dating back to October!  Coincides with when we purchased our new house and started moving.  I'm STILL recovering from the move over 6 months later!

Matt took the kids camping this weekend for Father's Day, so I used my solo time at home to catch up on blog emails.  I decided anything older than Jan 1st was just being deleted (sorry if I never responded to your email... just email me now, and I should respond!) I'm hoping to start having some giveaways again that are really good and should continue throughout the summer.

Speaking of giveaways, Colorado Mama is doing a giveaway on her blog.  I've been following her blog since I started mine because we have so much in common - Colorado, kids, running, etc.  I think she was one of the originals on my blog roll.  Go check out her giveaway!

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