Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Curious Jack

Whew!  Jack has been a little too curious for me the last few days.  

The other night he was out and about exploring in the yard.  When he came inside, he proudly announced that he had picked and eaten a whole mushroom (we usually lavious praise on our kids for trying new foods!).  I am a normally calm mother, but I admit I felt more than a wee bit of panic.  Jack took us over to the neighbor's yard and pointed out the mushrooms he had sampled growing around a tree stump.  We spent the next hour online trying to determine if the mushroom was safe to eat.  I certainly know a lot more about mushrooms than I did 24 hours ago (I'm actually a bit intrigued by wild mushroom picking but probably won't take up the new hobby quite yet), and we finally identified the mushroom as being an Inky Cap.  It is edible but isn't safe when combined with alcohol, so no nightcap for Jack that night.

The next morning I took the kids to an art class at the local art museum.  After class we were walking out and admiring the artwork displayed on the walls.  Kate was pointing out some detail when suddenly lights started flashing and an alarm wailed.  I looked up to see Jack quickly pulling his hand off the fire alarm.  Lovely.  The whole museum had to be evacuated, and I had to deal with a very unpleasant secretary.

Jack is a bit traumatized by both ordeals.  He keeps justifying the mushroom eating by telling me that the grocery store picks them from that location.  He also keeps asking, "What if I forget not to touch the fire alarm?" I've assured him that he won't forget.  I would like to think that poor Jack may not touch anything unknown ever again, but I know he will... I just hope it isn't today.


Tiffany said...

The differences between boys and girls! Both stories made me laugh but I am sure you were not laughing when they happened. Just remember to bring up these stories to him when he is older.

Penny said...

Oh no! LOL at the fire alarm incident! The mushroom one is more scary.

The museum should thank you for giving them a chance to practice their fire drill. ;)