Monday, June 08, 2009

Clean-Up Hike

We were up in the mountains this weekend for a meeting that Matt needed to attend.  Fairly uneventful in a good way.  I slept in, Matt and Kate took Nina to the dog park (she loves the dog park and is usually the fastest dog there... a good thing since she is also usually the smallest. We weighed her this weekend, and she is coming in at a feisty 8lbs!), and our friend Greg and his two dogs Moose and Wilson came over for breakfast Sunday morning.  It was a pretty rich breakfast so we decided to follow it up with a little hike. (In the photo is Greg, Wilson, Moose, Jack, Kate, Matt and Nina Sprinkles)
It is amazing how much trash accumulates on trails after a winter of snow, so we turned our hike into a trash pick-up.  Picked up two full grocery store bags, but could have picked up many more.  I tried to be very non-judgemental as I picked up litter thinking that more than once a receipt or candy wrapper has probably blown out of my car or my pocket without my realizing it, but by the end I was pretty annoyed at how much trash was on this short trail.  A secondary benefit of the trash pick-up was that it kept the kids distracted so we had less whining and complaining.  Always a good thing.

Believe it or not, it SNOWED on our hike.  Just a few flakes while hiking, but some decent flurries once we were back inside.


VegMomma said...

Great idea. On Easter I wanted to do a 'garbage hunt' outside....but my husband didn't want me to ruin Easter with grossness, then I wanted to do it on Earth day, but it rained...I think we'll go for a BBQ/garbage hike this comming weekend. Thanks for reminding me :)

Penny said...

I usually take a trash bag if we do a beach walk. It's disgusting what you pick up sometimes.

Kelly said...

Snow?! It's June!

What a great idea with the garbage pick-up. An excellent way to not only keep the kids entertained, but giving them a chance to help the environment.