Wednesday, May 06, 2009

More Cuteness

Kate loves babies of all kinds... humans, animals, plants, etc. She always lets out a little shreik when she sees something tiny and often pretends that she is caring for random newborn animals. She'll come up to me with her hands cupped and say, "Want to hold this baby (fill in the blank... bird, puppy, kitten, rhino...) that just came out of its mommy's tummy?" I pretend along and gently hold and coo to the newborn. Jack plays along sometimes but usually isn't as involved. When he does play, he usually pretends to drop the baby. He would really rather be crashing his cars.

Like most boys, Jack also has a very gentle side. This morning while I am fixing breakfast, Jack comes up to me with one of his small cars cupped in his hands. In a high-pitched, yet hushed tone he says, "Look, Mommy, it is a newborn baby car. Isn't it cute? It just came out of the car mommy's tummy. It can't even drive yet."

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Penny said...

ROFL! That so cute! :)