Monday, May 04, 2009

Moms' Weekend Away

The moms in our playgroup have been talking about doing a weekend away for a long time, and we finally did it last weekend. We escaped up into the mountains for two nights away. I wish I could tell you all the wonderful things we did, but we really did a lot of nothing. Which was wonderful. There was some knitting and crocheting, some reading, some surfing the internet, some shopping, a couple unsuccessful attempts to geocache, lots of eating (Mexican food out, cheese and chocolate fondue in, Shannon's super yummy brownies, Twizzlers, etc.), lots of wine drinking, lots of sleeping, lots of planning for crafts and lots of good talking. But there were no children and no husbands. There were also no pictures. Not sure why we never got around to pictures... next time. Hopefully next time will be very soon.

And we sure missed the moms who couldn't make it because of nursing babies, stuffed noses, and those darn jobs! Next time!

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