Saturday, April 25, 2009

Happy Belated Birthday, Jack!

Jack's 4th birthday was over a month ago. It was kinda at the height of my feeling blah about blogging. I feel a bit guilty that I didn't write a birthday post about all the amazing things my big boy is doing these days. Jack...
  • is the most amazing sleeper I have ever known. The boy will sleep ANYWHERE, and once he is asleep, it is almost impossible to wake him up. One of these days I'll do an entire post of all the crazy places he has slept.
  • is definitely a mommy's boy (and I love it!).
  • loves to ride his "two-wheeler" (aka "my motorcycle") and make obstacle courses in the back yard
  • loves cars, trucks, trains, cars, trucks, boats, cars, trucks, motorcycles, cars, trucks, planes, and cars and trucks
  • is not big into coloring and drawing, but loves to make projects. Several months ago he was making "emails" for people by making collages of anything and everything he could find to tape to paper (rocks, grass, leaves, junk mail, receipts, etc). Now he is very much into gluing anything and everything to paper.
  • knows all his letters and sounds and is sounding out simple words.
  • loves to read books.
  • is holding his breath and bobbing under the water on his own
  • likes to play with his sister even if it means dressing up and putting on lipstick
  • is starting to pick out his own clothes to wear. He definitely is showing a preference for shirts with numbers on them (because those are "racing" shirts")
  • loves to watch NASCAR on TV (much to his mom's chagrin!). He especially likes to find the "Jack" car (aka the Jack Daniels sponsored car)
  • likes to wear mismatched boots. Crazy boy.


Penny said...

:) Sounds like he's all boy

Mel said...

How cute. And how lovely that you've written this all down as, believe me, as they get older you do forget some of this stuff.