Saturday, April 11, 2009

Are You Still Blogging?

I've gotten this question a lot in emails, from friends, and even from my mom!

I guess I'm taking a little vacation from the blog, but I intend to start blogging again at some point, even if it is just to post family photos. Getting settled into the new house is still a bit overwhelming to me, and the rest of life hasn't really slowed down enough to allow me to catch up.

I think of things on a daily basis that I want to blog, I just can't quite find the time (or the cable that connects the camera to the computer to download photos!). Maybe this is the kickstart I need to start blogging again. We'll see.


Penny said...

it would be nice to see something here ;)

Laura Thieme said...

I find it difficult to blog about green living since I had my baby girl 4.5 months ago. However, I've managed to resume recycling, which was a big thing after the first few weeks.