Saturday, February 21, 2009

Still Moving In

It has been almost 4 months since we moved into our new, old house. I'm still not unpacked. Oh-my-gosh! I'm STILL not unpacked. We came close to doubling our living space plus I have a TON of storage space, yet I can't seem to get it all organized. Part of the problem is that I am a perfectionist (hard to believe when you walk in my house right now, but I am...) so I can't just sorta organize a space. I have to think it through and make it, well, perfect.

I also get side tracked pretty easily*. I'm unpacking a box in my office, I find something that I think should go in the basement, so I take it to the basement. In the basement, I remember that I wanted to make a felt board on the wall so I go upstairs where the fabric is to see if I have enough felt. I grab the felt, but I notice that my thread is everywhere so I try to collect it all in one place. Then while making lunch, I decide that I don't like where I've put the pots and pans. I pull them all out along with all the kitchen paraphernalia in the cupboard where I want the pots and pans. The telephone rings and while talking, I start unpacking a box in the bedroom. I don't have enough hangers, so I set most everything on the bed. When I go to get hangers, I remember that I wanted to hang hooks in the coat closet. And you can see where this leaves me at the end of the day. The office is a mess, the kitchen is a mess (so I don't want to cook!), the bedroom has a pile of clothes in the corner, and I didn't have time to blog! LOL

Then there are the two preschoolers that I live with that seem to thwart all attempts to unpack and organize. If I manage to stay focus and unpack or organize an area, I walk out to find toys/crayons/bathtub toys/dress-up clothes spread everywhere. One step forward, three steps back!

I'm exhausted just thinking about it!

*This is an extreme example of a side tracked day. I'm not usually quite that bad. Plus when I set my mind to it, I can usually avoid being severely side tracked. Usually.


Jen said...

This sounds like me on a regular day...and I'm not trying to unpack and organize a new house...nope, just me, every day! LOL!

Penny said...

isn't that called multi-tasking? LOL!

Sounds like you need to set aside a day for each room...... and focus on it.

Or force Matt to do it and then you can get all fed up with his system and completely re do it all ;-)

Mom2Cass said...

this post sounds like the story of my!

Tiffany said...

Unpacking is so hard in a new house. You are so use to putting everything in its spot that in the new house you tried to find a spot that is similar to the old spot.